With the growing popularity of eBay, more and more satellite equipment is being sold through their on-line auction site. While sellers on the site may offer great pricing, we would like to caution buyers about a disturbing trend we have seen. There has been an increase in the number of complaints from consumers who have been unable to get adequate service after receiving their product. In some cases, the buyer has no guarantee of the operating condition of previously used product, or a way of contacting the seller again after the buyer has paid their money. This is important should you need to return product to an eBay seller, if what they sold you arrives damaged. While eBay has rules to help protect buyers, the old saying "buyer beware" is still appropriate. Fortec would like to encourage all consumers looking to buy our products, to buy from reputable sellers. The best place to begin your search for a reliable distributor or dealer would be a visit to the Distributor section of our Web site, Fortec only sells to the distributors you see on our Web site. Those distributors sell to retailers, dealers, and installers. Some of our distributors also have a separate operation that sell to the general public. Of course, they can also recommend a dealer closer to your location. A good distributor or dealer will not only sell you the product, but can assist with installation problems, and after-sale service. We work closely with our distributors, who act as the first step in administering warranty issues. Keep in mind that users who choose to upgrade the software void the manufacturer warranty, but may still be assisted by the distributor. If you buy from eBay, make sure the seller will be available if you need to contact them later. Or, buy with the up-front knowledge of what service they will offer. Fortec continues to develop new and exciting satellite products, and we want all the users of our products to have a pleasant purchasing experience. + + +

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